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    Monday, June 26, 2017


    Today was Day 1 of our first Extra Innings Summer Clinic and our goal was aggression. Nothing made me happier then to see @extrainnings401 student Braxton Pearson make a game-saving diving catch to rob James Tillinghast of a big hit. This is why we love the outside clinics and shows how much they can pay off. In the beginning of the day we had guys drifting to fly balls and shying away. After an hour of outfield work we got to see it pay off in the game with this beauty.

    If you want your kid to have not only a fun experience but really get to know the game of baseball and play the right way there is no better way then letting our staff take them to the field and show them how real ball players play the game. Also love the intelligence I'm starting to hear out of these guys, tie game one out man on second and you here one of our 10 year olds yell tag to try and get the game extra base right off the bat. Parents do your ballplayers a favor and get them signed up now! Excited for our pitchers to start throwing to hitters tomorrow for Day 2! Sign up for our other clinics or get into this one for a prorate today!

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